Future Medical Professionals for Life


Encouraging students to provide excellent women’s health care and to fully know the most effective means of care for both mother and child. Evidence-based educational opportunities are provided to allow students to hear from experts in various medical specialties and learn innovative ways to practice life-affirming, Hippocratic medicine.


Students view both mother and child as equally valuable, and thus, are obliged to provide equal care and treat both individual humans as patients. Equal dignity of every human is foundational to the true practice of medicine and explicit within the Hippocratic oath.


Engaging students on their medical campuses is core to the belief of restoring Hippocratic medicine. Advocating for life-affirming practices among peers and demonstrating the explicit scientific truths of human life are foundational to the culture changes we wish to see within the field of professional medicine.

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Future Medical Professionals for Life is a federally registered 501(c)(3) non-profit and registered non-stock corporation within the State of Virginia. EIN: 87-1653484